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Online conference
on trends in mobile games
and their promotion
Experts from the world's leading companies shared their experience while viewers had the opportunity to communicate directly with experts after their speeches or to form their own video rooms according to their interests. During the breaks, the participants of the event could play games, take tests, and spend the accumulated points in the host's gift shop.
Google Think Games
Online event
for company employees
Bacardi held an event which showed that despite the restrictions of remote work and other complexities caused by the pandemic, the spirit and unity of the team have not disappear. The participants saw the speeches of their own colleagues, competed with each other in games, earned points and received gifts from the company. The event was styled after the 8-bit games of the past.
Bacardi SuperLevel
Online festival
for cat lovers
A celebration for cats lovers. Two scenes. Celebrity speakers. A catalog of purebred kittens from professional breeders with the dedicated private chat. Consultations with veterinarians and zoopsychologists. Audience Choice Contest for the most beautiful pet. A videostream from animal shelters. Useful tips for visiting the vet and partner clinics catalog.
Cat Fest
Online awards ceremony
for the employees
outstanding projects
Throughout the year, Bacardi employees have been pursuing their individual projects. At the beginning of 2021, project videos of participants’ were published in 5 different categories. After a vote among the company’s employees, the winners were selected. The winners were announced at a special online ceremony in the black tie style.
Golden Bat Awards
Online discourse
for business representatives
Major collaboration between SAP CIS and RBC. After the teleconference with the participation of top managers of companies from the RBC-500 list, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses dispersed along the desired tracks to study the experience of their colleagues in preserving business in the era of lockdown and participate in private consultations from experts.
Business Campus 2020
Online convention
of the European division
International European convention in more than 9 languages for partners of one of the largest MLM companies. Participants watched the rank-raising ceremony of their colleagues, took training courses on new products, tested their knowledge, accumulated points for their successes and received gifts.
European Convention 2020

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Actively develop your networking
Chat with others during broadcast. Use the built-in messenger for private text messages. Participate in video chats for personal or group communication. Create video rooms for the work groups.
Engage heavily in gamefication
Be active. Complete tasks. Demonstrate your knowledge. Get bonus points and prizes for your participation!

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